A National Geographic artist is inspired by his world travels

Photo by Amelda Beluli

Cameron Zotter ’05 enjoyed a community festival during a visit to Jodhpur, India. While a student at Western Carolina University, Zotter worked for what is now the creative services department within the Office of Public Relations. Today, he is a designer for National Geographic in Washington, D.C. Zotter designed the identity for a National Geographic imprint titled “Focal Point.” He also is proud of designing “The Green Guide”; “The Life of a Photograph,” a book featuring the work of veteran National Geographic photographer Sam Abell; New York Times best-seller “The Blue Zones”; “Planetology,” a 224-page reference book; and National Geographic photo calendars. Zotter said international travel inspires his work. “I’m really into typography, so I loved India’s countless hand-lettered signs. When I came back to work, I really wanted to incorporate hand-drawn type on all the covers I was working on,” he said. He visited China in 2006; India in 2007; Moldova, Romania, Spain and Morocco in 2008; and Peru and Costa Rica in 2009. Next on his itinerary is Cuba.