Don C. Baucom II ’89, April 23; Mooresville.

Adam Corey Becker ’04, March 20; Walhalla, S.C.

Charles B. Black Jr. ’60, March 6; Charlotte.

William J. Briggs MAEd ’66, April 4; Savannah, Ga.

Mary Strain Byrd ’39, May 12; Franklin.

Nita Louise Davis Cahours ’76, May 1; Raleigh.

Carolyn Stillwell Harwood ’42, May 7; Charlotte.

Anna Mae Dunlap Hendrix ’46, May 7; Charlotte.

Irene P. James ’65, May 2; Highlands.

Herbert Ray Kluttz ’57, May 25; Mooresville.

Christopher Andrew Lever ’08, April 20; Weddington.

James Thomas Medvec MAT ’00, June 10; Waynesville.

Emily Palmer Nesbitt ’37, May 7; Mills River.

Marvin A. Nockow MA ’54, May 29; Asheville.

Timothy Harold Parris ’89, Jan. 19; Franklinville.

David Edward Perkins, July 25; High Point.

Frank Ernest Plemmons ’58, May 12; Charlotte.

Keith A. Robinson ’82 MAEd ’83, Oct. 5; Norcross, Ga.

Robert Martin Staley ’94, April 18; Mocksville.


Elsie Earp Brown, supporter of the university and wife of the late Frank H. Brown Jr., acting president in 1972 and acting chancellor in 1974, March 27; Raleigh.

Donald C. Gladieux, university friend and benefactor, June 5; Hendersonville.

Claude N. Holland, former employee at Dodson Cafeteria, May 14; Sylva.

Dixie Loraine Dowis McGinty, professor in the department of educational leadership and foundations, and instrumental in starting WCU’s doctoral program in educational leadership, March 25; Sylva.

Earl R. Young, former adjunct professor in the department of social work, May 2; Gainesville, Fla.